Staff Directory

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Office Staff

Principal - Andrew Harsha (Contact Andrew Harsha)
Administrative Assistant to the Principal - Chaq McCreary (Contact Chaq McCreary)
Assistant Principal - Evan Bergman (Contact Evan Bergman)
Assistant Principal - Chauntee Smith (Contact Chauntee Smith)
Administrative Assistant - Assistant Principal - Cecil Morris (Contact Cecil Morris)
Treasurer - Karen Hawkins (Contact Karen Hawkins)
Registrar - Letita Benson-Heeter (Contact Letita Benson-Heeter)
Attendance - Shelly Mitchell (Contact Shelly Mitchell)
Receptionist - Martha Bula-Torres (Contact Martha Bula-Torres)
Nurse - Tracy Dastour (Contact Tracy Dastour) 964-6284
Athletic Director - Mike Connors (Contact Mike Connors)
Athletic Trainer - Alexandra Mahoney (Contact Alexandra Mahoney) 964-6270
Exceptional Learners Department Chair - Jessica Murphy (Contact Jessica Murphy)
Cafeteria Manager - Irene Couch (Contact Irene Couch)
Technology - Aaron Pingle (Contact Aaron Pingle)
Technology - Steven Lester (Contact Steven Lester)

Alternative Learning

Shawn Hibbitt (Contact Shawn Hibbitt )


Sabrina Roll (Contact Sabrina Roll )


James Miller (Contact James Miller)

Computer Science Elective

Corey Jones (Contact Corey Jones )

E-Learning/Information Specialist

Patrick Kennedy (Contact Patrick Kennedy)

English as a New Language

Jacinto Diaz (Contact Jacinto Diaz)
Julie Majercak (Contact Julie Majercak)

Exceptional Learners

Brandon Brooks (Contact Brandon Brooks )
Lori Craig (Contact Lori Craig)
Moise Duge (Contact Moise Duge)
Christine Dux (Contact Christine Dux)
Sharon Goldberg (Contact Sharon Goldberg)
Victoria Hartman (Contact Victoria Hartman )
Rick Hines (Contact Rick Hines)
Adelaide Jones (Contact Adelaide Jones)
Karen Leewood (Contact Karen Leewood)
Tracy Noens (Contact Tracy Noens)
Alexander Richards (Contact Alexander Richards )
Kyle Trost (Contact Kyle Trost)
Bernard Weatherly (Contact Bernard Weatherly)
Beth Williams (Contact Beth Williams) School Psychologist


Darin Landers (Contact Darin Landers)
Bonita Neal (Contact Bonita Neal)
Yessenia Perez (Contact Yessenia Perez)

Home School Advisor

Antonio Jefferson (Contact Antonio Jefferson )

Language Arts

Vincent Alexander (Contact Vincent Alexander)
Lucinda Bernard (Contact Lucinda Bernard)
Ron Gerbrandt (Contact Ron Gerbrandt)
Cathy Hart Walls (Contact Cathy Hart Walls)
Molly Mize (Contact Molly Mize)
Annie Rubendunst (Contact Annie Rubendunst)
Rachel Sams (Contact Rachel Sams)
Stephanie Weddle (Contact Stephanie Weddle)


Ann Antonini (Contact Ann Antonini)
Lauren Hill (Contact Lauren Hill)
Ann Howard (Contact Ann Howard)
Caryn McDermott (Contact Caryn McDermott)
Kyle Smythe (Contact Kyle Smythe)
Tracy Tew (Contact Tracy Tew)
Megan Weeks (Contact Megan Weeks)
Monica Wineinger (Contact Monica Wineinger)


Joan Dutour (Contact Joan Dutour)

Performing Arts

Jennifer H. Bryan (Contact Jennifer H. Bryan) Choir
Brandon Lancaster (Contact Brandon Lancaster) Band
Heather Nieto (Contact Heather Nieto) Orchestra
Brenna Pfeifer (Contact Brenna Pfeifer) Choir

Physical Education/Health

Kevin King (Contact Kevin King)
Paul Love (Contact Paul Love)

Project Lead the Way

Michael W Cross (Contact Michael W Cross)
James Guthrie (Contact James Guthrie)


Christine Trotter (Contact Christine Trotter)


Cherisse Anderson (Contact Cherisse Anderson)
Kelsey Haley (Contact Kelsey Haley)
Sarah Kleber (Contact Sarah Kleber)
Efrain Mendez (Contact Efrain Mendez)
Taylor Spurr (Contact Taylor Spurr)
Courtney Vaughn (Contact Courtney Vaughn)
Jenenne Young (Contact Jenenne Young )

Social Studies

Nadia Feister (Contact Nadia Feister)
Todd Harvey (Contact Todd Harvey)
Victoria Miller (Contact Victoria Miller )
Leslie Rawls (Contact Leslie Rawls )
Ryan Showalter (Contact Ryan Showalter)
Sabrina Tiggs (Contact Sabrina Tiggs)
Crystal Williams (Contact Crystal Williams )

World Languages

Jacinto Diaz (Contact Jacinto Diaz)
Dustin Mills (Contact Dustin Mills )
Jessica Smith (Contact Jessica Smith)