About Us

Most of the students who come to Belzer Middle School and choose to be in orchestra have not had experience playing an instrument.  No problem!  We will teach you everything you need to know so that you can be successful.  All you need to worry about is choosing which instrument you wish to play! 

What We Offer
  • 7th Grade Orchestras
    • Beginning
      • Beginning Orchestra students will learn everything from what their instrument is to how to hold it, make a great sound, use the bow and how to read music! Students in the Beginning Orchestra will perform 2-4 concerts each year.
    • Sinfonia
      • If you have at least one year of experience with playing an instrument AND are an incoming 7th grader, the Sinfonia Orchestra may be for you!  Because the Sinfonia kids come from various backgrounds we spend the first semester focusing on getting all of the students to the same level.  Second semester is spent learning how to tune and advance their skills.  The Sinfonia Orchestra performs 2-4 concerts each year and combines with the Beginning Orchestra for some of those concerts
  • 8th Grade Orchestras
    • Serenta
      • The Serenata Orchestra is the advanced 8th grade orchestra.  Students in this class have a high level of ability and dedication.  Students in this class perform often and have additional rehearsals outside of the school day.  The Belzer Serenata Orchestra is an audition-only class for 8th grade students or 7th grade students with significant experience. This orchestra will perform 3-5 concerts each year.
    • Sonatina
      • The Sonatina Orchestra is the intermediate 8th grade orchestra.  Students will continue working to improve their skills and will learn how to tune themselves.  There will be minimal after school rehearsals and commitments. This orchestra will perform 2-4 concerts each year.
    • Popz
      • The PopZ Orchestra is a second orchestra elective for 8th grade orchestra students.  This means that PopZ Orchestra students will take 2 orchestra classes.  The PopZ Orchestra plays alternative styles of music including rock, pop, jazz and more!  Sometimes we even use ELECTRIC instruments!  The PopZ Orchestra goes on at least 2 field trips throughout the year and performs 3-4 concerts each year.