What Is A Performing Art?
‚ÄčA Performing Art is an art or skill that requires public performance. Band, Choir, Orchestra.

How Many Electives Do I Get?
7th and 8th graders get 3 electives and you can choose more than one Performing Art class!

Do The Performing Arts Conflict With Sports?
Nope!  We work very hard with the Athletic Director every Spring to create a calendar free of conflicts.

What Classes Can I Take?
Incoming 7th grade students can take a variety of different classes.  Be sure to look through our Band, Orchestra and Choir pages for more information!

Maybe you already have experience playing an instrument or singing, or maybe you have no experience. 
Not to worry!  We have Band, Orchestra and Choir classes that will teach you everything you need to know about how to play an instrument or sing.  If you do have experience playing, we have a place for you also.