About Us

The Band program here at Belzer Middle School is a place for anyone who loves music! If you have never played an instrument before, don't worry! Most of the students who come through Belzer's Band program have never played an instrument. We can teach you everything you need to know so that you can make music too!

Beginning band is open to all students who have no prior experience with playing an instrument. The other bands are open to any student who has prior experience with playing an instrument. This way, all students can be met right where they are with their skill level.

What We Offer

Symphonic Band
  • Symphonic Winds is the top concert band group that the Belzer Band program offers. Because this band is comprised of 8th grade players with more advanced skills, the level of music that they play is difficult.
Concert Band
  • Concert Band is reserved for intermediate 8th grade and some advanced 7th grade students.  All students in this band must have at least one year of prior experience on their instrument.  Incoming 7th graders with experience may audition to be in this group.
Belzer Blues
  • Belzer Blues is the Jazz Band at Belzer.  This top group is by recommendation/audition only and reserved primarily for 8th grade students.  This group travels and competes regularly throughout the school year.
Beginning Band
  • Beginning Band is reserved for students with no prior band playing experience.  These students will be taught how to take the instrument out of the case, how to put it together and how to make a good sound.  The primary focus will be teaching students how to be successful on their new instrument.
Pop Band
  • Pop Band is the newest addition to Belzer.  Students in this class are primarily 8th graders although some 7th graders with experience may be invited to join.  Students will focus on different genres of music with the intention that they will perform for various school activities like basketball games.
Meet The Directors

Will Frazier, Director of Bands
Kalani Lancaster, Director of Bands
Tom Wallis, Director of Bands