LT Schools to Partner With Safe Visitors Solutions System
    July 02, 2018

    Safe Visitor SolutionsAs part of our ongoing commitment to school safety for both students and staff, LT schools will partner with Safe Visitors Solutions System beginning at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

    Safe Visitors Solution System is a safety process that will allow all schools to check an individual’s background prior to allowing the individual into the building with students.

    There will be up to three layers of checks depending on whether they are a visitor, volunteer, vender and/or contractor.   

    Visitors will be immediately searched in the National Sex Offender Registry. 
    Volunteer will be checked for sex offender and any felonies. 
    Venders/contractors will have a full local background check. 

    Any guest to the building will have to provide a photo id/driver license to be scanned.  If all checks out, a visitor pass will be printed with picture of the guest. This pass will be generated with a red stop sign that is a time sensitive ink that will appear on the pass over 8 or 12 hours so the pass cannot be reused.  

    The system tracks each person in the building and where they should be each day, month and year.  We can generate reports of who, when and where the people were in our buildings. 

    If a red flag comes up that indicates an identified person of concern, an email is immediately sent to preset individuals that could be notified to come and assist if needed.  

    The second module that will be coming with the system is the Tardy/Attendance System. This kiosk system will provide a more efficient and more accurate way to track student tardy/attendance.

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