Belzer envisions, in partnership with the school’s community, meeting both the academic and affective needs of the early adolescent. Each student will be given opportunities to develop academic talents through a
variety of challenging learning experiences. Students’ social and emotional growth is fostered and encouraged within a safe and supportive environment. Adults within the Belzer community will model expected behaviors through positive attitudes, self-discipline, and lifelong learning.


Belzer Middle School will create an environment of high academic performance and social development for all students. This will be achieved by a visionary staff through innovative and creative approaches to instruction, proven teaching strategies, use of time, and assessments. Reading, writing and problem solving skills will be the primary focus for improvement. Physical, social, and emotional well being will be promoted as well. Citizenship, character education, and community service will be the foundation of each student’s social development.

Belzer Middle School will create an environment of partnership and collaboration among students, parents, community, and staff. Each person will be an integral member of the community through a variety of opportunities and activities.

Belzer Middle School will model lifelong learning by being an education resources center for all members of the community.