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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Equity Word Graphic

The MSD of Lawrence Township is committed to eliminating racial disparities in our community and in student achievement.
Per Board Policy 2110.02, the corporation is committed to eliminating racial and ethnic disparities in achievement, while raising achievement levels for all students, to ensure educational equity and excellence for all learners of all races and ethnicities in the MSD of Lawrence Township.

We believe that students of all races and ethnicities can meet or exceed State standards and Corporation graduation requirements when they are effectively taught and held to high expectations.

We believe we have a moral, ethical, and professional obligation to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in achievement so that students of all races and ethnicities are not only well educated but also prepared to succeed in our rapidly changing racially and culturally diverse world. This requires the conscious and deliberate examination of the institutional beliefs, behaviors, policies, programs, practices, systems, and structures in our School Corporation to identify and eliminate those that may perpetuate racial and ethnic disparities in achievement in order to counteract the impact of contemporary and historical institutionalized racism and discrimination on student achievement.

The MSD of Lawrence Township is committed to dismantling inequity for improved outcomes for ALL students.

Equity Timeline


An external Equity Audit to review and update equity policies, practices, and cultural competence was conducted throughout the 2020-2021 school year by Dr. Vernita Mayfield, president of Leadervation Learning. The audit process appraised LT schools’ policies, practices, and outcomes as they relate to racial equity. The audit report was published in April of 2021. A committee of over 100 faculty, staff parents, and students came together throughout the fall of 2021 to review the report and to develop a set of recommendations for implementation. The committee report with recommendations was accepted and approved by the Board of Education at the April 25, 2022 meeting. 

With Dr. Mayfield, the district established a common definition of Educational Equity:

"A state in which dimensions of privilege, skin color, and economic status are not predictive of, or correlated with, educational outcomes in any significant way, and where all learners are able to participate fully in quality learning experiences."

Click here to read the Equity Audit Executive Summary - English
Click here to read the Equity Audit Executive Summary - Spanish


Action Plan Dashboard

The action plan dashboard shows current progress on the ten themes that emerged from the equity findings. These themes are:

  1. Strong Principal Leadership
  2. Hiring, Recruitment & Retention of Diverse Staff
  3. ESL Learners & Shifting Demographics
  4. Discipline
  5. Access to Resources
  6. Accountability
  7. Social & Emotional Well Being
  8. Racialized Language in Informal Settings
  9. Gender Bias
  10. Parents & Community


Talking to Children About Racial Bias

The resource guide below was compiled by Marion County Public School Superintendents and is intended to provide valuable resources and information that will help parents engage in important conversations with their children about race and racism.

Click here to access the Parent Resources Guide.


  • ADL: Anti-bias resources for educators, parents, and families
  • EduColor: A place where the voices of public school advocates of color on educational equity and justice are elevated
  • Learning for Justice: Free resources for schools and educators to help educate children and youth to be active participants in a diverse democracy 
  • USC Race and Equity Center: Research, tools and resources on race, racism, immigration, and other dimensions or equity


MARION COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOLS STAND UNITED AGAINST RACISM - Marion County Public Schools have united to stand in solidarity with our communities to build a more just and compassionate world, to abolish racism, value social justice, and respect human dignity. Marion County represents 11 districts and over 135,000 students. We support the Indiana Urban Schools Association Anti-Racism Statement and feel collectively compelled to state unequivocally that Black Lives Matter. We will speak out against institutional racism and express our unwavering commitment to eradicate it from our public spaces. We will learn, apply and teach anti-racism with urgency and intentionality within our school communities.

UNIFIED VIDEO MESSAGE - The video message below shows unity of all Marion County Public School Districts and shares an important community message with all stakeholders. Please take time to view the video and to share it.

Marion County Schools - No Racism Zone